Saturday, 10 March 2018

Casualty Markers

For a while I have had this project steadily gaining progress in between others and with some gaming looming this month I've made an effort to complete it. 

These four new casualty markers join the previous set for which you can read more about here

They're all mounted upon dial counters from Warbases which for my games of Lion Rampant are an excellent resource as none of my figures are individually based - they also make for neat little vignettes.

These all represent dead and injured cavalrymen and I've now almost got a casualty marker for each unit but certainly at 6 English and 6 French there's enough for a larger game of Lion Rampant.

First up is a downed Gendarme which I rather like the look of, he's unhorsed and winded pleading for ransom or perhaps just asking for a soldier to lift him up.

The body was created using various parts from the Perry Foot Knights set onto which I then sculpted a rich coat. The shoulders were then worked upon to raise them and a Steel Fist Miniatures head and plume was added at the end which really finishes the model off nicely and pins it in the early sixteenth century. 

Sadly this was the only figure that I took a pre-painted photograph of, doh !

I then painted the completed figure in neutral colours without field signs so that he could be a downed Gendarme or Kings Spear.

Next up, a little down the pecking line is a Man at Arms / Demilancer unhorsed by an arquebus ball to the ribs. He's taken off his helmet for comfort and expired from the wound.

This was a fairly straightforward conversion though I had to build up the ground under the head to get the right angle and to position the back properly. Each leg was cut off then filed, repositioned and set in place which also required me to sculpt new feet. Again, all parts were from the Foot Knights pack with the exception of the head which was from the Mounted Knights set.

On to the light cavalry here's a downed Border Horseman with a wound to the face. This was made using the light cavalry set and as above the legs had to be cut, filed and repositioned. I also had to build up the back of the legs and boots a bit. To complete the figure I added a nice targe (thanks Oli) and sculpted a hefty strap across the chest to hold it.

To close here's a Stradiot face down in the mud. This was perhaps the hardest piece to put together. I used a Perry Ansar figure as a dolly to which I sculpted the distinctive padded coat, hat and boots. It's a bit chunky but certainly has the right look about it.

That's all for now

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  1. These are superb Stuart! Great work on the Stradiot and the use of the targe to make the downed horsman specifically a borderer is great as well. I am looking forward to putting these to good use in a couple of weeks.

  2. Wonderful markers, well done!

  3. Great looking markers Stuart...
    May your opponents make much use of them...

    All the best. Aly

  4. Great work on those Stuart - you've done the hardest thing well, which is to get them looking like they've fallen on the ground and are not floating over the top of it. Brilliant - and more inspiration!

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  6. Very cool! And I got the package! Thank you.

  7. Lovely looking gendarme and the stradiot is first class!
    Best Iain