Sunday, 29 April 2018

Tudor Dollies move to Steel Fist Miniatures

The Tudor Dollies are now available direct from Steel Fist Miniatures;

I have long wanted to contribute to Steel Fist Miniatures as both Oliver and Simon have given me great support and encouragement over the years - not to mention figures too ! The figures were created from basic dollies sent to me by Oliver some time ago and this really gave great impetus and confidence to my sculpting and an insight into the commercial process. 

I've had fun selling them but they're much better set up for the admin and I've wanted to give something back for a while so I took the decision to transfer the moulds to Steel Fist by way of thanks for their support.

They're in good hands and I hope they continue to do well. Who knows, I may even do some more at some point.

The dollies were designed to fit with the Perry WOTR and Mercenaries plastic sets thus they come without arms or heads and require further assembly and sculpting if you want sleeves for the coats.

I detail how to sculpt the sleeves in this step by step guide.

All the best