Monday 1 May 2017

Tudor Figures available for pre-order

It's been an interesting month....

Further to the last post I completed final detailing on the sculpts that I was working on and sent them off to Griffin Moulds to have the master mould made, these are the first castings back for inspection and review prior to production.

The castings are very clean and required minimal filing as is the standard I've seen from Griffin who do the castings for Steel Fist miniatures. They're true to the originals if not better, it's very satisfying to see them.

I must add that without assistance and support from Oliver at SF and Griffin these would not have been possible, you can read more on the project development here.

Having prepared the figures I set about the final part of this project to check that they fitted neatly with the Perry Miniatures plastics and that the base coat sleeves were easy enough to sculpt and joined naturally with the figures. Given the time invested thus far this was a somewhat nervous process but all was fine. My main goal of speeding up the process of creating Tudors in coats was immediately obvious. When making previous figures I had to allow for drying time and couldn't sculpt a figure in less than 4 days, with these I made 9 in 3 hours and they just needed an overnight dry for the sleeves, I'm very happy !

Here are a few completed pieces ready for painting;

These were principally designed as attacking/advancing Bill but a couple work fairly well as archers and they all work quite well as advancing crossbow / handgunners using the mercenaries sprue.

As I've mentioned in the development post these were never principally intended as commercial pieces owing to the further sculpting work that is required but I've always appreciated that these may be useful so I've been considering my options to make them available.

I'd rather not cover the cost upfront and keep a stock of them as it's difficult to gauge demand so to keep things easy I'm going to pay for the production mould and put in an order for some figures on 1st June.

If you'd like to add to that order they're £6 for a pack of 6 plus postage & packaging. If you're interested just send me an email (see below) stating how many you'd like and your address and I'll work out the P&P and take payment upfront via PayPal.;

I'll put in the order on 1st June and they should be available around a month later, I'll send a notification prior to posting.

Thereafter I'll have a think about how best to make these available (suggestions welcome) but this works easiest for me at the moment.

Hopefully I should have a few of these painted up soon.

Bye for now



  1. Great looking castings.
    Mulligan metals + Perry plastics = easy Tudor figures!
    Am sure they'll be popular.

  2. Looking good Stuart, they should paint up lovely i have no doubt.

  3. Very interesting pieces Mr Mulligan. Do you think they would fit an earlier setting as for instance the 1490's ? I would gladly add them to my First Italian War project (perhaps as French Garde Ecossaise), in the case you don't mind to send it across the channel.
    Please keep up the marvellous work, you truly are an inspiration for wargamers, even here in France ! :)

    A Frenchman.

    1. Hi Alexis, yes they'd be particularly good as guard units for Louis XII , Charles VIII and Papal guard. Postage to France is no problem, glad to have inspired you.


    2. That's good to hear. Thank you very much for your answer Stuart.


  4. Stuart
    Wonderful torsos! Great stuff. I'll be likely interested in some of these, but need to work out how many. Also will you be able to handle postage to Canada?


    1. Thanks Peter glad you like them, happy to post to Canada just send me an email with your info and preferences and I'll work it out.