Friday 19 May 2017

Painted Tudor dollies

Further to the last post here are some of the Tudor dollies assembled as Billmen and painted with the eagle claw livery badges of Lord Stanley.

As per the Perry WOTR boxed set here they are in en garde and attacking poses, the dollies are adaptable to either pose as you can see;

The coats are very neat casts and the folds in the skirt are easy to paint with satisfying results. They work well with the Perry plastics arms, heads and accessories. The Tudor heads work well too and I've also made my own Tudor heads using those from the Perry Ansar box as they're particularly expressive.

Orders are going well for the first batch from Griffin, these are certainly going global ! There's still time to get yours in as I'll be making the first bulk order on 1 June. if you'd like some just email me via the address below stating the number of figures that you'd like and your address. I'll get back to you with the postage cost and arrange payment.

Bye for now and thanks for your support



  1. These are really beautiful sculpts - I really like their posture and the expressions on their faces.

  2. They look really great - they do extent the range another 30 years so well. A very successful venture into being a figure manufacturer Stuart (albeit an armless and headless one!).

  3. They look splendid, wonderful details!

  4. They look superb Stuart! The body poses work perfectly with the Perry arms and once painted they just look like once piece miniatures.

  5. Great looking poses.
    Best Iain