Friday, 19 October 2012

Landsknecht Pike II

Further to my previous post I'm now experiencing the dizzy heights of some nice consistent 2-3 hour windows of relative peace which when I'm not hurriedly trying to make things look like we haven't been burgled occasionally allows for a bit of painting, horray!

Here we have phase 2 of the front rank of my slowly growing pike block, you can view the nucleus of the idea in phase 1 here.

In a nutshell, I have elected to base a double rank of landsknechts with pikes at the ready on a 120 x 60mm base, this enables me to really pack them in tight to give a sense of the claustrophobic moment just prior to impact with pikes and halberds bristling. The long base also contains most of the length of the pike which makes for ease of storage, imaginative basing and minimises upon wargaming entanglement with other units.
This notion was furthered with the units of standing pike which I recently re-based, and here's the effect I have long strived to achieve;

The banners are tightly ensconced within a protective wall of pike. My intention is to have the same number again to make a large pike square of roughly 100 figures. How long this will take is another matter but I'm happy to have got this far with a nice cohesive unit.

The other idea behind this approach was that the attacking units have no flags (though some individuals have imperialist field signs) so they could interchange with other units of standing pike which could have Imperialist, French or Swiss flags.

Here are some close ups of the latest unit;

Not sure when my next post will be but we're back in business, here's a final action shot by way of thanks for bearing with me over the last month;

Bye for now.



  1. Great basing idea that I may use in the future. Beautiful figures!

  2. Beautifull!!!! Looks just like a pikeblock should...I look forward to seeing the 100 man block.

  3. This is truly outstanding work. I've always liked this blog and your inspirational figures, but I think this pike block has just burst through the wargaming equivalent of the sound barrier!

    Dammit, yet another project beckons like a siren call . . . .


  4. Fantastic work

    I should have put a few halberd chaps in my pike blocks too

    Those leveled pike bases are exquisite
    Impetus is a set of rules that encourages these large bases

  5. Very nice work, well done on the miniatures and basing.



  6. Top class work once more Stuart, the figures are excellent and so is the base.

  7. Awesome stuff, Stuart. I love the way you had the broadsword and halberd chaps in front of the main line. The painting is exceptional, as always.

    Best wishes


  8. Hello,
    Great painting !!!
    Thanks for inspiration ...

  9. More beautiful paintwork, and great composition that really works so well.
    Cheers, Simon.

  10. Really suberb job all round and beautifully photographed.