Sunday, 5 August 2012

Edward Stafford, Third Duke of Buckingham (part II)

Here's a sneaky peek at my current work in progress.

This figure represents Sir Edward Stafford, Third Duke of Buckingham. He served as a captain in the middle ward during the 1513 campaign and brought with him a rather large indenture comprising 500 cavalry and 619 pike. This was quite a sizeable host for the time (most nobles provided an average of around 200) especially as these were some of the most expensive troops to equip, it gives an indication of his wealth and standing at this time. The cavalry were predominantly demilancers so this figure will be within a unit of them. I shall also do a couple of units of pike under his banner at some point, incidentally these were English rather than mercenary pike and are mentioned quite a few times in the records relating to the invasion though sadly nothing as to how they fared (as a comparison the performance of Landsknecht pike is mentioned).

Stafford's lineage was indeed very noble and dangerously so: He was descended from Edward III through his father, this standing along with his connections unfortunately rendered him in a difficult position. He soon became an object of jealousy and suspicion to Henry VIII and publicly despised cardinal Wolsey, this feeling was soon to become his demise. He was executed in 1521 under inflated yet perhaps true charges of harbouring intentions to the king's downfall. For me he's one of the great what if's and a potential Yorkist rebel for a renaissance wargaming continuation of the wars of the roses - something which I may entertain as my next project.

So, a colourful figure deserves some painterly attention.

I began the first part of this project a while ago, by way of converting one of the Perry plastic horses, you can see this early progress here.

The next step was to bring the figure to life;

He wears a richly decorated skirt in the red and black Stafford livery, which is continued in the damask decoration on the horse armour to which I have further decorated with a variety of heraldic devices.

His coat of arms is displayed on the front panel and also reflected in the sword scabbard, the Stafford swan and knot devices also feature.

 I got the idea for adding the swan within the damask decoration from looking at a number of contemporary jousting images such as these;

 This image in particular (being English and from only a few years prior to 1513);

 I may well do something similar with future nobles.

On to his standard bearer, and then some nice easy infantry as a bit of a break!



  1. I don´t know what to say..I´m lost for words. Unbelievable!!! That is truly a work of art!!!!

  2. Beautiful work, it's great to see the progress your making in individualising and creating figures for this period, love your idea for a late spark in the wtor,
    Look forward to seeing what you paint up next!

  3. Stunning work and an interesting post.


  4. Absolutely stunning work on the horse trappings!

  5. inspiring work as always mate - very interesting conversion and info.

  6. I did some men for Stafford, the 1st duke for the wars pf the roses, but nothing like yours! Great work as always

  7. really inspiring work. very good.

  8. Cheers Stuart !

    Lovely horse barding, stunning work !!!

    Glad that you found your way to my blog:9

    Best regards Michael

  9. Very nice post, and a great blog! Your minis are really impressive!

  10. Beautiful figure in so many ways - the great modelling and the very fine painting - a very pleasant sight to see after my hols.
    Cheers, Simon.