Friday, 24 August 2012

Richard III appeal


I wonder if you could offer your support to this appeal, it just takes a few clicks and you might get rewarded with a nice shiny 15c documentary, now that can't be too bad can it.

You may have heard Richard III in the news today as work gets underway in a Leicester car park to try and find his possible final resting place. However, there's a bit more to the story and YOU, yes you, can play a part in it. Here's an appeal from the Richard III society;

Dear Friends and Ricardians

The search for Richard III's remains in Leicester is going ahead and Channel 4 are filming the dig. However, they've said that 'unless something of significance is found', they don't believe there is a television audience interested in a full-length documentary about Richard. If nothing much is found at the dig, all the footage will be binned.

There has never been a well-informed documentary setting out the full story of the historical Richard III, and this was a chance to tell viewers about the real Richard's life. Channel 4's assessment is quite wrong, and your help is needed to prove it. Help us to get Channel 4 to change their mind by leaving a message on their Online Form. It takes less than 2 minutes. This messaging campaign should take place on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 August. If enough of us leave messages, it will show that an audience exists for a programme about Richard III. This could help to get them to commission the documentary - no matter what is found at the dig!

It's very important to send your message on the 24th or the 25th so that a concentrated campaign gets their attention. Friends overseas should join in, too - C4 sell their programmes abroad which means you will get to see it too!

This is the kind of message you might like to leave:

“I can’t wait to see your TV programme on Richard III and the search for his remains . It’s really exciting! It doesn’t matter what is found at the dig, I just want to see a good documentary about this enigmatic character. Well done Channel 4 on covering this! Let me know when I can tune in to discover all about the real, historical Richard III.”

This is the link to the Channel 4 feedback form

N.B. Channel 4 will ask for your email address and postcode. This is what they say: "We would like to publish your name and location (if available) with your comments. However, please be assured that no other personal details would be published with your comments." If you're overseas and need a UK postcode, you could choose from one of the following: DL3 OLE, DL3 8SD, NE3 4BH, NE16 4PE, NE21 5TF, KY11 9LP, EH3 6SF, RG9 2EE, TW1 9PD, DT11 8LX, EH45 8HB, WD6 2JP, DT11 8PU.

Thank you for your help on behalf of the R3 dig team in Leicester.
Phil Stone


24 August 2012


Thanks for having a look, there will be a more usual update very soon  

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  1. Sounds like it should be interesting - although perhaps the best "documentary" on Richard III so far is

  2. "unless something of significance is found', they don't believe there is a television audience interested in a full-length documentary about Richard" They've got to be kidding!!!!

    This is the channel that pumps out rubbish like 'Come Dine with Me'. Time for a wake-up call, I think.


  3. I agree with Joe...who wouldn´t be interested in a full length docu on the man??? It would interest not only medieval fans but a ton of people.
    I´m in..thanks for the postcodes

  4. It appears that C4 have done a U turn and now do not have any plans to make a documentary.

    Oh well.....

    I'll stick to painting figures