Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sir Rhys ap Thomas

Ta daa!

The first complement of demilancers are now complete with Sir Rhys ap Thomas represented as their commander; he served both Henry's very well, knighted at Bosworth, assisted in crushing rebellions in the years after and in 1513 he was in the foreward with both the border horse (recruited under Henry Percy) and his own welsh light cavalry under his command - his reconnaissance role was very much active during the campaign.

I chose to represent him wearing somewhat outdated armour as an indication of his age (65) and heritage, his 1525 tomb effigy also depicts him in earlier armour - I considered this figure just right.

There will be some more demilancers added to this quota at some point, the army list allows for up to 6 bases which I think I shall take as the army is otherwise predominantly infantry in the listings and they'll need some support and shock power behind them.

Speaking of which, it's back to the longbowmen to increase the offensive capability of the army (plus to see how the Tudor heads look on the archer figures)



  1. I bet you´re proud of the look you have achieved with that lot...they look excellent!!

  2. Definitely turned out well. Great looking looking group. Worth the effort. Look forward to see the longbows to see how they turn out.

  3. Lovely as always!! What does your DBR list look like for these guys? Just interested to see what units you have taken.

  4. Fantastic work.