Saturday, 23 July 2011

WIP; Demilancers

No. 3, nearly there !

Here we have the standard bearer for the unit, I just have the commander to go and that will be it for now - I shall reveal him in the next post - unless you can guess it from the standard. He was a key player in the Bosworth campaign and still actively taking part in 1513 at 65 years of age.

For this model I chose to represent the rider as somewhat better off than his counterparts wearing the latest continental armour. The boots were a bit more of a pain to model as the wide 'bear paw' feet of the maximilian armour required a fair bit of filing before I could work with them which even after that made for a fairly wide looking boot in comparison to the others but I don't suppose they would all be uniform in that respect.



  1. !!He´s nice and the Flag is cracking!!!!

  2. Very lovely figure - Lord Scrope's your man (and so I claim the prize....!!)
    I wish I could paint flags that well - really great looking.

  3. Another great looking figure. Keep them coming, enjoying this project.

  4. Close, but no cigar for Lord Scrope!