Monday, 12 September 2011

Work in progress

Hello there

It has been a while since my last post so I thought I'd post a quick update.

I am presently rather slowly putting together some more archers to add some fire-power to the army, these are the latest, only 4 at the moment but I am quite pleased with their overall look with the Tudor heads, there will be 8 more to come before I base them up. These will be based as rank and file as most of the present archers in the army are all double based with flags so a few single bases will help to show casualty depletion - don't worry, there are a lot of flags lined up for forthcoming units.

I thought I'd also take this opportunity to recommend a book which I have been working my way through for the last few weeks; The Last White Rose, The secret wars of the Tudors by Desmond Seward.

It's a really interesting read and helps to paint a picture of the Tudor mindset. It has really put my understanding into perspective and is a great starting point to put some Tudor rebellion scenarios together for a renaissance continuation of the wars of the roses - one of these could well be the next army which I will put together. If you're interested, here's the link on Amazon;

I'm not quite ready for that yet though as there's still quite a bit to be done before this army is complete to my satisfaction. The goal is to have it done for 30 June 2013; 500 years to the day that Henry VIII stepped ashore at Calais to begin his invasion of France. Whether I reach it is another thing but there's always hope !

The current army list using DBR is as follows;

Commander In Chief, Ln S x 1

Sub General, Ln O x 1

Demilancers, Ln F x 2

Border Horse, LH O x 5

Longbowmen, Bw S x 8

Billmen, Bd O x 12

Landsknecht Pike, Pk O x 12

Landsknecht Arquebusiers, Sh I x 4

Imperial Ally general, Ln S x 1

Burgundian men at arms, Ln O x 4

Mounted Crossbowmen, LH S x 1

Landsknecht Pike, Pk O x 12

Landsknecht Arquebusiers, Sk O x 3

199 figures on 66 bases in total.

The amount remaining to do is;

Sub General, Ln O x1

Gentlemen pensioners, Ln O x 2

Demilancers, Ln F x 4

Burgundian men at arms, Ln O x 2

Longbowmen, Bw S x 10

Billmen, Bd O x 6

Landsknecht pike, Pk O x 4

Artillery pieces and crew x 3

95 figures on 32 bases in total.

Can I do that in 10 months? I'll have a good go at it !



  1. 9.5 minis a month...2.375 a week...;-D go for it:-D
    I´ll give moral support from the beach

  2. Let's hope you get it all painted, I'm sure you will, the figures are extremely detailed, roughly how long does it take you to paint a figure?

  3. Thanks chaps, that's very good encouragement indeed. I never thought of it that way, 2-3 a week is not too bad at all. It takes me around 3 hours for infantry and about 4-5 for cavalry, a lot more if the latter is barded.

    Believe it or not I was slower than that not too long ago!

    Now the summer is well and truly kaput there will be much more time to spend......that's the theory anyway as i'm sure beer won't lose its allure !


  4. Lovely work Stuart. I was hoping that the Assault group would be starting on Henry VIII's army at some point, but at least I can see the fantastic work you are creating here.

    Good luck with reaching your goal.



  5. What manufacturers & codes are you using for the various troops?

  6. All troops are sourced from the old Perry sculpted Wargames Foundry renaissance cavalry, artillery and landsknechts mixed in with Perry miniatures WOTR & EA ranges not to mention a few conversions