Saturday 25 September 2010

New and improved Tudor flags!

Thanks to your comments and interest in my last post here are improved versions of the Tudor infantry and commanders flag sheets. They're cleaned up, symetrical and a bit better proportioned.

Flag sheet 3 completes the trio; Cavalry standards of the 1513 campaign. These are based upon contemporary woodcuts and paintings of the battle of the spurs along with the standard of Rees ap Thomas who was the commander of the light Cavalry during this campaign.

The Burgundian standards that I have found are either depicted as above or as a simplified yellow saltire upon either a red or blue background.

The English cavalry for the 1513 campaign numbered 4000 of which 1000 were the Kings Spears, in battle this would have been around 300 heavily armoured men at arms, a relatively small amount but it was the most Henry could muster.

The remaining 3000 cavalry were; 1000 Burgundian men at arms, 500 border horse, 900 mounted archers and 600 demilancers.


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  1. They look great Stuart; I'll be utilising the Burgundian cross and flints for my Charles the Bold troops, so thanks.
    Now you just need to do a unit of your lovely troops for each flag!