Tuesday 4 May 2021

Facebook Group page


 Regarde mes Amis! Ces’t une page de Facebook!

We bring good tidings, honest !

Hello there. 

I’ve been experimenting recently with ways to both promote my tiny dark corner of the hobby and find inspiration and encouragement for my continuing efforts.

As you’re probably aware of by now my output is relatively slow and unfortunately the blog posts are few. I’ve thought about how best to redress this balance and be a bit more proactive so I have set up a Facebook group to accompany the blog. 

You can reach it via this link;

Or alternatively search ‘Army Royal’ under groups and you’ll find it.

Don’t worry though, the blog shall remain. I will post completed units here and retain it as an archive of my work for both you and I. however for continued encouragement i’m going to post figure by figure updates on the Facebook group so you can see what I’m up to on a day by day basis.

So that’s ongoing units, bits I’m attempting to sculpt (including failures), the odd commission and anything else on a meta level.

I’d also like to use it as a source of inspiration for early Tudor warfare more generally as I’m very much aware it’s a niche interest. So feel free to post your Tudor efforts on there too as I find it inspiring and encouraging.

All the best 



  1. Hi Stuart. Can you post a link, my search didn’t turn up your group.

  2. I had the same problem and would like to join.

  3. Thanks both, I’ve added a link

  4. Just when I think I was about to ditch my Facebook account, I get pulled back in.