Thursday, 18 March 2021

Further buildings for the collection


This has been many months in the making, something I've quietly been doing in the background for a while. 

I thought i'd have a go at scratch-building a modular walled Manor House complex suitable for the continental side of my collection. 

I drew upon specifically French and Flemish influences to enable me to put together a backdrop broadly covering the area around the Calais Pale. The stomping ground of most English campaigns from 1490-1545 encompassing Northern France and the Low countries.

All aspects are modular and facilitate a bias for a Manor complex of either of the two styles or a combination of both.

Most of the components are also stand alone pieces in their own right and complement my growing collection of buildings.

Rather than photograph each component individually I have laid out a few set ups so you can hopefully appreciate each part and how they inter-relate. First up is the 'white' arrangement;

The buildings here are all with a heavy French influence with inspiration mainly coming from aspects of late medieval and early renaissance stone built Chateaus and town houses.

All components are made from plastic-card with DAS clay added and the bricks scored out thereafter. The roof tiles are railway modelling Wills sheets, the windows on the church and dormers are also railway modelling church accessories. The feature windows were custom built for me by Warbases and the door is from Antenocitis Workshop.

I then introduced some brick in the Flemish style along with some outbuildings to make for a larger site;

This was an exercise in dormer windows, so many mistakes until I finally got the trigonometry in order.

Here's a few partial set ups so you can get a different aspect on the pieces;

There's lots of scope for quite a bit of variety and it's something I can steadily add to. My immediate thought at this juncture is for another gatehouse and a walled formal garden. I also need to paint up some inhabitants !

These also complement my existing collection to make for interesting urban streets;

Walled complexes were also a feature within towns whether Manorial or Religious. Here's a set up to illustrate that (excuse the bedding !)

I think the styles complement each other quite well and certainly add plenty of visual impact. They'll be an excellent backdrop to some street fighting and siege games.

I hope you like them, back to some figures next I think.

All the best



  1. Astonishingly good work. Very very useful and an inspiration

  2. You dont do mirror writing as well Stuart? These are beautiful pieces, well done.

  3. That's just lovely. Terrific work, and very evocative of the local styles.

  4. Simply superb and the patterns on the tiled roofs really make the buildings pop!

  5. These are superb Stuart, perfect for an early Tudor foray into Picardy or Flanders!

  6. Absolutely on der full stuff. They look amazing

  7. Wonderful buildings, they transport me into the pictures of the Early Netherlandish painters ...

  8. Fantastic work. Everything from the texture of the brick and stone to the coloured roof tiles.

  9. Great work, as usual. Each piece is a masterpiece in itself. Looking forward some bat rep using these new terrain....

  10. Another Great Terrain set, and I love the modularity of it.

  11. Splendid stuff Stuart...
    I particularly like the roofs...

    All the best. Aly

  12. Smart idea to go modular and the finish on them is superb!
    Best Iain

  13. Hi Stuart wow ! what a fantastic blog .I am keen to get into renaissance and this has given me much inspiration . Which wargame rules do you use ?

  14. Thanks Graham, I use my own adaptation of Lion Rampant. You can download this from the Army Royal Facebook group page or if you prefer send me an email and I’ll get it to you.

  15. Thanks very much Stuart -- could you please send me a copy and any bank details so I can pay you for it ?
    cheers Graham

    1. Send me an email buddy;