Sunday, 29 September 2019

A few photographs of the collection

Landsknechts in French service

Just a quick hello, here are a selection of photographs of my collection from a recent game that I played in hosted by Michael Perry and friends. As ever it was a great weekend with good company, you can view the battle report on their Facebook page via this link

The games are large set pieces involving the collections of the participants. Michael is an excellent photographer and the blending work around the bases that he does with the images really makes a difference, they're works of art and really show off the painting.

Landsknecht skirmishing line 

Aided by some French allies

Landsknechts in French service begin their advance

Into the Tudor lines

Border Horse


Sir Edward Poynings

A confused scene, Tudor infantry hurry out of the way as heavy cavalry thunder in.

I've got 3 projects underway at present but unfortunately they're forlornly languishing on the painting desk. The work / life balance and family commitments have taken their toll of late. Hopefully the creative mojo will return soon.

All the best



  1. Superb 'photos of superbly painted and sculpted figures!

  2. Lovely work as always. I’ve already drooled on these photos on the Perry FB page. Looking forward to what rolls off the work bench.

  3. Stuart I think all the suplatives have been used up by now to describe your figures, they are truly a work of art,so should you get 'sick' of them Im always interested.

  4. Jaw dropping stuff here.
    I have always loved a Landsknects & these are exceptional.
    Have fun, best wishes,

  5. Beautiful photos Stuart, they really show off the collection superbly. I hope know one had to hold up the sky backdrop for lengthy periods while they were taken!

  6. Some lovely looking photos Stuart...
    I particularly like the last one... it looks like something interesting is about to happen;-)

    All the best. Aly

  7. Magnificient, miniatures and scenery!

  8. Great - they really do set off your fantastic collection.

  9. Lovely photos of some beautifully painted figures!
    Best Iain

  10. Great and inspiring collection. I wish you the best. There is a time for real life and another for the hobby will come ;)

  11. Great photos of great figures.