Saturday, 11 March 2017

Renaissance Gendarmes Kickstarter

I'm a little slow on the uptake here but there's still time to support the latest Kickstarter campaign from Steel Fist Miniatures; a set of charging Gendarmes, you can see much more here;

Oliver has been at pains to achieve a historical feel for these figures and has researched them in depth. Having had a minor input in this I am really pleased with the results Oliver has achieved in the previous pack of gendarmes;

These are versatile figures, in particular the plumes and heads are interchangeable and spares for multiple options come with each pack which is great for converting other figures as I have done here;

Scale wise, I must admit I don't have that many manufacturers in my collection but they're a perfect match the Perry plastic men at arms set which I have used as English Demilancers, when on the table there isn't really a noticeable difference.

In my own collection all of my Gendarmes are presently from the Perry sculpted Wargames Foundry range and the Steel Fist figures are larger.

I'm a slow worker and have yet to paint the Steel Fist Gendarmes that I have but my intention is to have a full compliment of WF Gendarmes and an equivalent compliment of SF Gendarmes.

As they match the Perry plastic cavalry in size I'm very keen to create some conversions from these to make supporting men at arms in skirted coats and light armour, some with spare heads from these sets, it will really give some life and variety to my collection - unless of course by the time I do that there's another Kickstarter that covers that (hint hint Oliver !).

Fingers crossed for these, it's really good to see some new inspiration and variety to the options available for the Renaissance collector and gamer.



  1. Sorry to ask, but could you clarify about the size of the figures. Is it the Foundry Gendarme that are larger or the steelfist ones.

  2. Sorry that wasn't very clear was it, I've updated the post. The Steel fist figures are larger.

  3. I have the first set and they're very nice.

  4. Where can I get hold of your figures?