Sunday, 1 February 2015

WIP French missile foot

I have started work on my next unit for the French army; some mixed missile foot. I was quite pleased with how the last unit of Ordonnance Archers turned out sculpting wise so I decided to continue with the putty pushing to really give this army a proper period feel.

Owing to time required for the green stuff to dry these have been completed in stages during the evenings over the course of a week, very much a background project with painting being done on the weekends.

I have sculpted what the Tudors referred to as a 'base coat', a heavy woolen jacket, this would generally be liveried in some way, the stages were;

1. file and cut away the area for sculpting on the body
2. sculpt rough shape and fill in the area between the legs ready for stage 3 (really important for the shape)
3. sculpt skirt and chest front (the figure on the left is halfway through this)
4. sculpt skirt and back rear
5. assembly and sculpt left arm
6. sculpt right arm

Thorough drying (overnight) is required between stages so that the putty is not obscured whilst sculpting, i learned this the hard way!

Steady progress to be getting on with and hopefully a rewarding one when they're done. I aim to have a fair amount of French infantry in the army but unlike the Tudors Lansquenets will be contributing the majority so I considered it worthwhile to make these figures as best I could for an early 16c feel.

If I'm crazy enough I could start adding similarly attired units to my Tudors, that would certainly keep me busy for many years to come !

Cheerio for now



  1. Inspirational as always, Stuart

  2. Hello,
    Good modelling !!!

  3. Brilliant stuff Stuart! Thanks for putting this out there.

    Step by step is now in my files ;>)

    BTW, you're *really* getting the hang of the Greenstuff things mate! Not easy.....

    I'd love to see more Step by Step's for sculpting as it's something that I'm trying to work on a lot myself- when I can find the time between paintjobs....

    1. Hi Darrell, no problem buddy I shall get busy with some step by step photographs with my next batch and do a follow up WIP for you.

  4. Very tasty looking greens...not a phrase I would have said as a kid!!!
    Nice work on those Stuart.