Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Vote for your favourite piece !

John Tuchet, 8th Baron Audeley

Well it's August 2013, we're almost at the 500th anniversary of the Battle of the Spurs and my 4 year Army Royal project has drawn to a spiritual conclusion, 100'000 hits and counting, it's been great.

If you're interested, this week in the 1513 times Henry was mainly exchanging politely offensive diplomatic letters with James IV, dining with Maximilian and issuing pay to his men.

I'm (very) slowly working upon some French pike, playing around with flag designs and army listings and assembling plastics for the first of the French foes to the Army Royal - the garrison of Therouanne.

So for a bit of fun, I thought i'd select a few units of particular note for me and ask you to vote for your favourite. This has also highlighted how my photography has improved over the last 4 years but don't let poor pictures put you off, use the voting buttons and lets see which unit has been your favourite.

If I remember.....i'll call the results on August 16, the anniversary of the Battle of the Spurs.

John Blanke - 'the blacke trumpeter'

Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester

Yeomen of the Guard


Landsknecht Pike

Henry VIII

Sir Henry Willoughby

The Kings Spears


George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury



As i've mentioned before this project isn't quite finished but i'm almost there! still to come are a few marching units as well as some artillery and burgundians but i'm probably going to concentrate on the French for a while.

The Wargames Illustrated article which will feature the army is due for publishing in the October issue so keep your eyes peeled for some very nice photographs.

All the best



  1. I am so looking forward to seeing your project in publication.

    1. I had some trouble with your poll. I wanted to vote for both the Yeoman of the Guard and George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury but I didn't see either as available voting options. Have I missed something obvious?

    2. Gremlins ! All sorted now, I've added Henry VIII and Landsknecht Pike too


  2. They're all beautifully done Stuart, they should look great in the mag! Can't wait to see what you come up with for the French flags and banners???

  3. Difficult, they are all so nice.

  4. Ah, very tricky choice Stuart - like having to pick a favourite child!
    Finally went for the demilancers.
    All the best, simon.

  5. Great all round but I went for the Demilancers too. Great models and a good photo too.

    Looking forward to see some more French.

  6. Greate initiative Stuart !

    Looking forward to the WI issue !

    Best regards Michael

  7. Fabulous! Love all of the wonderful characters and figures. Best, Dean

  8. Stuart,
    Without sounding like a smart arse, its also the year of the Battle of Flodden field, when we Northerners tonked the Scots again.
    Great figures, thanks Robbie.

    1. Being a Northerner myself I share in your smugness and it was a fairly close decision to do this campaign but the colour and variety of this army won me round.

      But there's still time! It would only take a few command units to fulfil Flodden using what I have............

      You're a terrible person!

      I'm painting the French now!

  9. For me it was going to be either Henry VIII or the Yoemen of the Guard.

    I'm going to go for Henry me thinks.

    Great to hear that you're painting up the French now Stuart.


  10. So beautiful troops!! Absolutly stunning...I think I prefer the stands of billmen...

  11. Just about impossible to choose. I looked in vain for the box to tick marked "All". In the end I went with the demilancers, firstly because your barding is an absolute joy to behold and secondly as the photo of the demilancers includes the John Blanke stand, I could at least vote for two options in the one vote.

  12. Fantastic stuff mate, so much time and dedication. Really inspiring.

  13. This whole project has been inspiring and then you expect me to choose just one option???

    I'm looking forwards to seeing the French too!