Sunday, 30 June 2013

Picard Pike III

Attention ! les Francais avacent !

The French are coming !

Hopefully that's right.....

Here's a sneak preview of the current project on my workbench; Picard pike of the Therouanne garrison. These soldiers are stage 3 of a rather long gestation period, the initial forays of which you can read about in these previous blog posts;

There I discuss my reference points and reasoning for the proposed appearance of the men of the Therouanne garrison. Through some welcome feedback both here and via the lead adventure forum I have decided to continue with the rest of the unit along the same principles.

The figures are in the first stage of conversion; a refit of poses with arms cut and drilled using the Perry Bow and bill, mercenaries and mounted men at arms boxed sets. Quite a laborious task to be honest but it's getting easier as I do more. Some sculpted additions will then follow in the shape of smoothing over gaps and adding facial hair and maybe some attempts at some simple puffed sleeves and slashes as with the chap on the left in the photograph above.

In addition to the two painted figures above my intention is that these figures will represent the front rank of pike with the exception of the chap without the pavise who I'll put in the rear. Here's a shot without pikes;

I've also made a couple of command figures too;

I think I've mentioned it in the other posts but if I were ever to contemplate James IV's Scottish army at Flodden, this would be where I'd start.

I'm going to push on with the rest of the rear rank and hopefully have a few painted examples next - not sure when - you know me !



  1. Your conversions will be copied for my alternate medieval project. I also really like the feathers on the commander's sallet, a bit over the top and perfectly French :P

  2. I am looking forward to seeing how this project turns out, I want to try and do some French Pike at some point but it looks like a lot of conversion work! Its pushing them just out of the medieval "look" into the 1500s that is the trick, the puffed sleaves and slashes will definitely help.

  3. Great looking figures Stuart!

  4. Some very nice conversions, I do like pavisses so will possibly "borrow" some of your ideas

  5. Great work Stuart really looking forward to seeing them painted up!

  6. Really nice work and inspiring too. Does nothing to keep people on the straight and narrow and avoid the temptation of 'just another' project.


  7. Good work that man :-)
    Looking forward to seeing more.


  8. Wonderful work of conversion!