Tuesday, 5 July 2011

WIP; Demilancers

Here's a taste of the unit I am currently working on. The army list I am using (DBR) calls for a contingent of demilancers. I think the term is perhaps more commonly associated with later cavalry but essentially these are light lancers in three quarter armour - a contemporary to the French archer perhaps?

I had always intended to do a few of these but took a while to gather my thoughts as to their appearence c.1513, with some help from the TMP renaissance forum I used this engraving by Durer as a starting point;


The figure required a little work, namely careful filing of the legs while retaining the stirrups then sculpting the boots. I intend to have 4 of these to start with using a mix of early and contemporary armours to reflect the budget of the wearer, I might also do a couple of headswaps using the Perry Tudor heads for further variety.

What do you think?



  1. Very nice Stuart, the boots look great on the figure, perhaps as you suggested, have one figure with a Tudor style floppy hat, that would look spot on!

  2. Outstanding! I admire your painting style very much. The lancer in the Duerer etching seems to carry a lighter lance than the one your chap is carrying. Any thoughts about whether this would be more usual for an archer/demi-lancer?

  3. Very nicely done - great work with the sculpting of the boots and lovely paint job on the horse.
    What colours have you used for the wooden lance - if I could ask?
    Looking forward to more of them.

  4. I did ponder over the lance for quite a while, this one is a medium lance; heavier than that of the border horse but lighter than those of the heavy cavalry although in this photograph it's not that apparent, i'll take some more photographs with the next figures I do.

    The lance is painted in Foundry 'Spearshaft' the horse is predominntly Foundry 'Chestnut' but with quite a few washes of darker browns to help the dappled look.

    Tudor hat will feature on the next one, I was considering having a sallet somewhere about his person but not sure where would look best, next to the sword perhaps?

  5. Very very nice. The horse looks lovely well done.


  6. Great stuff Stuart....very nice idea on a Demi-lancer....I am going to cheat and just put Tudor heads on WoTR lancers.....if I had the skill the boots would be a definite!