Sunday, 10 July 2011

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

A grand day out and all for £5.

Along with meeting a lot of interesting re-enactors I was fortunate to meet the artist Graham Turner as he was hosting an exhibition of his WOTR paintings, i'm sure he must get it a lot but I made a point of thanking him for his inspiring work.

I took quite a few photographs, most of which had some sort of 21st c trapping in them but here are a selection of those least affected by that.

None of the battle itself i'm afraid as i was a bit distracted - plus i had some ale in my hand - priorities!

Another point to note is the forthcoming book devoted to the battle re-enactment, have a look at

Enjoy !

P.S. I was racking my sunburnt mind all afternoon as I couldn't remember the name of the above liveried contingent - guesses anyone?



  1. Great pictures Stuart,
    Pity it's not nearer to me, but I've always wanted to go to the Tewkesbury event (Festival of History for me next I hope). Without checking that looks like a Somerset/Beaufort banner and the Duke of Somerset guy with the tabard on (who appears to be trying to make a call without his mobile phone!).
    Nice pieces of armour there on display. More inspirational 15th century pics!

  2. ha ha, i've just noticed that! there were a few amusing sights - knight exiting portaloo was a favourite but i wasn't fast enough to capture the moment.

    well worth the trip, i think i might make more of a day of it next year and stay the night, Tewkesbury is a very nice town - there were events there the whole weekend and the town was decorated with medieval flags and banners, plus there were a lot of nice looking taverns!

  3. I was there as well - great day out for next to nothing. I picked up a print of Graham Turner's Towton painting, it's amazing and massive; every time you take a look you see something new! Great to meet the man himself as well!

  4. Nice photos! I'd love to see all the reenactments that must be in Britain.