Saturday, 2 July 2011

Retinue of Henry Algernon Percy

The ale's all gone so it's on with the painting !

Here we have the base of bill with the Percy banner, there's a couple of lead mercenary figures in there as well which seem to work OK.

So now I have both the banner and standard of Henry Percy I thought it apt to get a shot of his retinue all together (with the St George banner thrown in for effect).

I need to paint up a few more bases of archers to even things out a little but I shall put that task on hold for a while as I think it's about time I painted some horse flesh, quite what i'm not sure, I shall peruse the army lists.



  1. Beautiful painting! The flags look fantastic.

  2. Lovely....the flags are very good.

  3. Stuart
    Very impressive looking unit - glad to see that the beers not affected your painting skills.

  4. Like Ray said real beautiful work and the flags look fantastic!


  5. Fantastic job, and love the beer recipe.

  6. love to see what you come up with the standard is great any luck in convertion figs to tudor nobles yet?

  7. Thanks for your comments, the ale seems to have been very popular so i shall certainly add any further historical brewing forays to the blog.

    C.O.W; i'm getting a bit more confident with conversions, they're fairly simple at the moment bt I do have ideas for some of the nobles,i'll need to get in some practice first.

  8. Beautiful Stuart! What size bases are you using for DBR?

  9. WP

    The infantry are based either singularly on 60 x 30mm bases or 60x60mm for command stands. the latter works really well for pike, you could increase the length for those with pikes levelled.

    Cavalry bases are 60 x 40mm on the whole and 60x80mm for command

    I get all of the above from