Sunday, 24 April 2011

Halfway there.

The last few weeks have been somewhat hectic and devoted to another project; I now have a very tidy garden which has miraculously cured me of an ear ache and will hopefully feed me through the months to come. That's the idea anyway, but I'd much rather be painting Tudors.

So, as far as points are concerned (305 under DBR) I am about halfway to what I originally set out to do. In saying that the general and sub general account for a high proportion of that so it's a bit of a bold statement but anyway, I thought I would mark the occasion with a photograph. The intention was to post this yesterday as being St George's day it would have been most fitting, but then the sun came out and the beach was calling me, followed rather closely by the pub, damn you willpower !

Talking of occasions; on Good Friday 1513 the Dean of St Paul's Cathedral gave an anti-war sermon before the King and stated, amongst other things that;

' those who went to war out of hatred or ambition, and slaughtered one another by turns, fought under the banner of the Devil.'

Shortly after this the Dean was summoned to Greenwich for a private audience with the king and he soon changed his stance on the matter, that, or discretion took the better part of valour.

You will also notice that the blog has had a name change. I'm not sure whether this will be permanent as yet but I thought it more fitting to my endeavour. Army Royal is the title of a book by Charles Cruickshank which studies Henry VIII's 1513 invasion of France and was very much the spark of enthusiasm which kick started this collection so I wished to give a nod to that, plus it very much captures the spirit of the blog and my efforts thus far.



  1. Looking good! The flags look really nice.

  2. Well done on reaching the half way point.

  3. These are just magnificent. I salute you sir.

  4. Good to see the army so far; hadn't reaslised how much you've done - and this is a quality (not quantity) army of course. Good choice for the re-named blog by the way.
    Looking forward to the second half.

  5. Wow! The army is reaqlly coming together.

    I think you have a great highly individual style of applying paint and I'm always happy to see any updates pop up in Blogger.

    The second half, of course, will be the icing on the cake.

    Keep up the stirling work,