Saturday, 2 April 2011

George Neville, Third Lord of Bergavenny (3)

I'd like to have added this into the comments of the previous post but it doesn't seem possible to do so with photographs (that or i just can't see it, this blogging software has caused me to shout at my laptop a few times!) so further to the previous post here are a couple of shots of the retainer in blackened armour. This effect was achieved with a light drybrush of chainmail, a thin wash of dark blue followed by a light drybrush of chainmail again. Below is the alternative representation of the banner from a 1530 College of arms document with notes added in 1831 (typed in the 1920's.) This shows the banner halved green and white as opposed to red as it was in 1513, note also that the motto is over three bands along with the 'Bergavenny ' references both typed and the original in old English;

Regarding the entymology of Abergavenny the following link gives a good summary; The title of Baron Bergavenny was first created in 1392 and was held by the Neville family from 1440-1626 This has definately been one of the most rewardinging blog posts i've done in a while; we have looked at heraldry, history, renaissance art and entymology ! Thank you for your comments and interest, it is excellent encouragement. Stuart


  1. Beautiful painting and composition, Stuart.


  2. That flag looks great...especially as it is handpainted!!!!
    The flags that come with the new Perry plastics...have you used them? They are way too shiny IMHO.

  3. Thanks Paul, handpainted flags are the way forward, a labour of love but worth it - these Tudor flags have taken a lot of research to unearth so they're all the more rewarding.

    You could easily use any commercial flags as a stencil / basis for your own; once you make a few in photoshop they do get quite easy to do.