Sunday, 25 November 2012

Share a little Liebster

Many Thanks to Jonathan of The Inevitable Spark for his kind nomination of my efforts for a Liebster Award;

'The modelling, conversions and painting that Stuart puts up on his blog are absolutely gorgeous. He works primarily with 28mm renaissance figures and I fall in love with each and every one he posts.'

Good king Harry raises his tankard to you!

The Liebster awards are a creative way to showcase high-quality blogs with a following of less than two-hundred. Once nominated, you must then nominate five blogs to receive the award themselves. I've just merrily passed some time checking out more blogs which I wasn't aware of, just following link after link and watching history unfurl in miniature.

Here are my nominations;

My first two nominations for effort, consistency and sheer brilliance must go to Simon, the creator of not one but two fantastic blogs; Harness & Array and Je Lay Emprins. His work inspired me to pick up my paintbrush after a 10 year hiatus and return to a hobby I love and to share my project via the blogosphere, you cannot fail to be enthused by his efforts.

Oli over at Camisado is a fellow renaissance enthusiast, his drive and sheer scale of his armies will leave you heading to your hobby room to work out just how many more figures you could increase your armies by.

Another dangerous blog to follow is that of Olddorg; The Metal Mountain will consistently make you wonder whether you have the room, time and energy to paint 'just a few' figures from another period. Of particular note are his photographs, there's lots of them, from every angle - so you can not only see the quality of his superb painting but also get a good close look at the help you decide whether you want to go and buy some.

Last but by no means least, I must give credit to the Count of Wymborn, not only for his illustrious title but also for his encouragement which slowly instilled a spark in me to have a go at sculpting. A backward trawl through his blog, Steel Fist will leave you wanting to have a go with some green stuff to add some truly unique touches to your units.

Well, that was a cheery interlude, the power of the blog eh. In reaching a following of 150 it also seems fitting to thank you all for sharing my Tudor endeavours, your encouragement really does keep me painting and I hope this blog has helped your enthusiasm and left you reaching for your brushes.



  1. Congratulations Stuart, your blog is fantastic and was a big inspiration for me to start mine. Many thanks for the nomination!

  2. Congrats, a very nice blog I've just discovered! I do like the "Charles Somerset" post...among other!