Monday, 3 December 2012

John Blanke triumphant....2nd draft!

Owing to a bright day for photography this is a re-posting - perfectionism is an affliction!

Here we have a culmination of my efforts over the last few weeks; the completed stand featuring John Blanke alongside a faithful standard bearer. This base will complement the body of demilancers I have though it could easily accompany the King's spears.

As with Blanke I have spent some time converting the standard bearer prior to painting, an aspect which is slowly becoming the norm with this army ! I have sculpted some light caparison horse armour on the chest of the horse. I've had a few experiments with this and it's given some quite good results for what its worth, I really think it helps to bring the figure from 1480 into 1513 along with adding to the unique feel of this army. Here are a few close ups;

I've also made an effort to make the knight's armour look like brilliant gilded white armour - essentially an extra highlight followed by gloss varnish. Another aspect which I have experimented with is to use a Tudor Rose badge on the horse armour rather than the usual St. George cross - I chose to do this to complement the Tudor Rose in the banner and also to help pick the rider out from the rank and file.

The Standard is based upon a banner which features in the middle and far distance of the below contemporary German woodcut of the 1513 campaign.

Finally, here we have a mock up of Blanke sounding the charge of the English cavalry with archers in support - I just need a few French for this photograph and the Battle of the Spurs is done!

Next up......more conversion work!



  1. Lovely conversion work Stuart. Love the standard bearer.



  2. Another lovely piece!!
    Congrats on the Award :-D

  3. Absolutely wonderful - these are little modelling marvels that go well beyond just wargame figures for the table.
    I'm envious of what your achieving!

  4. Gorgeous work. Metals are excellent.

  5. Stunning work Stuart!

    Most impressive !

    Best regards Michael

  6. Marvelous, all those flags are shining on the beautiful armors, a fantastic work!

  7. Gorgeous work! The horse armour is brilliant, Bravo!