Saturday, 10 May 2014

Landsknecht Vignettes

Continuining on a Landsknecht theme, here we have a couple of vignettes; first up a Provost on the heels of a deserter - these figures are actually from the Pro Gloria Miniatures hunters pack but as soon as I had these in my hands I immediately saw them as hunting down a deserter or thief.

The provost wears a good quality waffenrock and is lead by an Alsatian who has caught the scent of his quarry as has the scout who calmly loads a bolt.

I really liked painting these, particularly the contrast in the clothing of the scout and Provost, and of course the dog - the first canine to join my armies.

Next we have some gamblers, it's not looking too good for the drummer as his confident opponent prepares to cast his dice.

Again, lots of fun painting these, the slashings are very defined which makes for easy painting so you can just get on with working out what palette you want to use.

Both of these vignettes will feature in my next article for Pro Gloria Miniatures of which you can see the first here;




  1. Stunning work, once again!

  2. Amazing work! Great little vignettes

  3. Two very cool vignettes I've eyed on the Pro Gloria catalog - nicely done!

  4. Splendid Stuart - great figures, love these vignettes which 'tell a story'.
    Will PM you about your lighting for photos, I need to improve mine!
    Cheers, Simon.

  5. Stunning brush work Stuart !!!

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