Monday, 30 December 2013

Picard Infantry


After a very long hiatus I have finally completed the crossbowmen to add to my burgeoning force of the Therouanne garrison.

It feels like I have been working on these figures for an absolute age but I'm afraid life has got in the way. You can see my work upon these converted figures over the last few posts. I have just started to convert some more pike along a similar theme so there's more French to come in the new year.

I must mention a couple of notable Christmas presents;

First, 'Fatal Rivalry' presents an analysis of the houses of James IV & Henry's VII & VIII leading up to the Flodden campaign. It's a really engaging and detailed analysis with a lot of detail and quite a good focus upon the Scottish court and James IV of which I previously knew very little. 

Second, 'Henry VIII, Arms & the man' something of a reward for myself this year. This book accompanied a 2009 Royal Armouries 'dressed to kill' exhibition which I missed but the book is well worth it if you're a Tudor nut like me. The essays don't really tell me anything new but the photography and pull out inserts are fabulously detailed and well worth £50 if you can find a copy.

This year has been one of mixed emotions for me; the spring into summer was very much an exciting period with the anniversary of the 1513 campaign, the culmination of my Tudor project and some limelight (and a cracking day out) with the Wargames Illustrated article. 

Thereafter my productivity frustratingly dropped to almost nil as I felt the effect of juggling a young family with study and a full time job, time has simply melted for me this year and it's ironic that i couldn't find any time for the hobby that is an instant stress relief for me so that's a balance I'm going to try and redress.

This has always been a slow burning project and I thank you all for your encouragement, contributions and comments as they've kept me engaged when I couldn't quite get to the painting desk. 

All the best to you and yours for 2014.

Cheerio for now, I'll be back soon !



  1. Afternoon Stuart,
    Its nice to have you back. I always try to study your painting style and I am particularly impressed by the pavissers in the photograph. The chap with the ornate figure painted on his pavisse is truly a work of art. Well done.
    Thanks Robbie.

  2. Its been great watching these French Crossbow and Pike in the making, some great ideas and use of greenstuff.

    Glad to see you picked up the Henry VIII book, it does have some incredible pieces of armour in it.

  3. Great work as usual. I must say I'm really impressed by the quality of your pavises and your banners.


  4. Stunning painting !

    Happy new year !!!

    Best regards Michael

  5. Hello,
    great painting on french crossbow !!!

  6. Another great work, love the poses and, of course, the excellent paintjob!

  7. Fantastic painting.Look forward to seeing more in 2014:-)


  8. The Henry VIII armour book is a good one. Looking forward to seeing the French army develop in 2014.
    Cheers, Simon.

  9. now that is an impressive collection!