Monday, 17 June 2013

Wingfield & Demilancers complete !

Here we have Wingfield & his faithful standard bearer and below are some individual photographs of the standard bearer prior to basing;

The standard is a little unusual in its use of a tricolour ground and also the figure of the Virgin Mary in glory standing within the cross of St. George.

The figure was pretty much assembled straight out of the box with no sculpted additions other than a little filling on the horse where the moulds joined.

I don't think I've mentioned this before but with respect to the horse note how it is shaded lighter on its belly and inner thighs front and back. I use photographs of horses as a reference and this colouring occurs in quite a lot of those which are brown, bay or grey, it's a simple technique but i find it adds a sense of realism to the figure. I think from a painter's perspective this might not be immediately obvious and it's easy to have a tendency to highlight the legs and back and leave the belly darkest.

With Wingfield's base now complete this also means that I now have the full complement of demi-lancers for the army working on a 1:50 scale to represent the 600 or so that are mentioned in the muster sheets. In saying that, 600 demi-lancers are specifically mentioned but also simply 'horse' are also mentioned which could refer to further demi lancers, those for the light cavalry or indeed spare horses or those within the baggage train. I'm working on the 600 figure for now.

Here's the unit;

I may add a few more at a later date as I'd like to represent a few more knights that I'm aware of and to make the unit slightly less flag heavy (not necessarily a bad thing!) but that's certainly it for now.



  1. Masterful work Stuart. I real inspiration as usual. thanks for the tip about the horses belly...

  2. Incredible work ! the banners are fantastics !

  3. Fantastic looking banners, wonderful figures, and great basing!!

  4. Realy impressive work Stuart !!!

    Best regards Michael

  5. Fantastic!! Impressive and total inspiration :-)


  6. Very inspirational unit there. I'm about to start re-doing my demi-lancers (in 15mm) but there are only four of them for now....

  7. Lovely work - those horse flesh colour schemes are even nicer looking in the, err, flesh...!!
    Really appreciated your work even more from the closer inspection.

  8. WOW!! Impressive is an understatement. That group shot is something - could not imagine staring down a charge like that.


  9. Interesting about the horse's belly