Saturday, 9 February 2013

A Brand New Blog !

OK, so it's more recycled than new but I have migrated my Landsknecht painting guide from the website it originally habited to its own blog which you can view here;

I have designed it so that it can be used as a painting guide but it won't be a blog in the sense that there will be regular updates - it is a stand alone painting guide, much as the original was.

Each page has a label and the 'labels' tab on the right of the blog is used as an index so you can use each page to assist you in whatever stage of your landsknecht project you are at.

I will periodically add to the 'gallery' page as and when I do more landsknechts.

The one thing which is different is that the old site had a step by step guide which illustrated how to paint figures in the three colour method. I've decided not to include this as it's a fairly established manner of painting and I don't think it really taught that much - do let me know if you think it would be worthwhile to include it.

I've had to migrate it for a few reasons, mainly as it was costing me to keep it on the site but also because it was a sub-page of a main site I had which was devoted to my other hobby of painting landscapes.

I don't really do much of that anymore so it just made sense to close the site and migrate the painting guide.

For those curious to this other endeavour, here are a few images of some paintings I have done.



  1. Fantastic work - visited your new blog - but couldn't find how to become a follower. I noted if you had anything on Polish Winged Hussars. Best, Dean

    1. Cheers Dean, teething problems, hopefully you can now follow it.

      No Hussars here i'm afraid - though they are magnificent!

  2. Great resource Stuart - Landsknechts keep 'hovering' there for me as a possible one-day project.
    Lovely landscapes too.
    And of course nothing wrong with a bit of's 'green'!!
    Cheers, Simon.

  3. Lovely paintings mate....very evocative and atmospheric...i like them. The first one in particular with those dark clouds.

  4. The landscapes are excellent! Very dramatic, great colours.

  5. Very nice post, great figures and pictures...