Sunday, 6 January 2013

Audeley's Retinue Complete

This unit has been a little while in the making - owing to a few French distractions, but  here we have my first offering for 2013; the retinue of Sir John Tuchet, 8th Baron Audeley.

Audeley himself had a reasonable amount of sculpting conversion with the addition of his skirt, you can read more about this process and some of his biography in this earlier post.

Some of his followers have had small elements of sculpting work too, note the cross in some of their hose, the addition of a beard to the archer reaching for an arrow and the feather in the cap of the trumpeter. Here's a couple of close ups;

The standard was the reason I chose to add Audeley as it's quite unique, it's original description reads; 'a Moor's head in profile, golden crescent for difference. Sprinkled with (9) white butterflies, each differenced with a crescent.'

I was keen to emphasise Audeley's pose with the selection and composition of the trumpeter and flag bearer - as a group they appear (i hope) to be signalling or getting the attention of another unit - or perhaps he is giving the order to loose, either way I thought it added a little extra to the stand.

I'm sticking with infantry for the moment and have a few billmen undercoated and ready for some attention - more on these soon.

Bye for now.



  1. Jaw drops with one look at the trumpet...

  2. Fantastic work, Stuart. Truly a work of art. Dean

  3. The detail and subtlety of your painting is amazing. I love this set of photos. Beautiful work.

  4. Excellent work Stuart. THey just keep getting better and better.

  5. That is rather fabulous! Love the standard.

  6. Beautiful,inspirational work. What figures are the trumpeter and standardbearer based upon?
    best wishes

    1. Cheers Alan

      The std bearer is a Perry EA pikeman and the trumpeter is assembled out of the WOTR box with a Tudor head and helmet added.

      They're both painted as close to the description of the uniforms in use during that campaign; white fringed green in the case of the trumpeter and plain old 'white coat' in the case of the std bearer.
      For reference another description mentions 'white parted green' liveries which could be a plain two colour livery jacket or another way of describing the green fringe.

      The trumpet and fringe is based upon contemporary images of early Tudor trumpet bearers - notably those depicted in the Westminster tournament roll of 1511.

      Historically both would no doubt have worn a heavy cassock / coat similar to the Landsknecht waffenlock but there are scant few miniatures, if any at all that are presently available which is the compromise i've had to run with.

      But I hope that doesn't detract from the spirit of this collection.


  7. Great looking minis Stuart !

    best regards Michael

  8. Wonderful command base Stuart and phenomenal paintwork on the banner.
    Very good composition that really works.

  9. Hello,
    Excellent painting and beautiful figures !!!!

  10. great banner, lovely colors, a really characterful unit