Friday, 14 September 2012

A Landsknecht interlude

Painting these figures just never gets boring....

I've put the Tudors down for a little while to give myself a break from heraldry and livery and started work on another unit of mercenary Landsknechts (or almains as they were known in English ) with levelled pikes to accompany this one.

It's been a while since I painted these so I had a leaf through the web and some books to get myself re-acquainted before painting. I also had a look at the Landsknecht painting guide which I put together a few years ago and decided that it needed a bit of an update as my approach to painting these figures has changed a little and also to share a few further hints and tips.

The updated bits are all on the home page so if you fancy a perusal at some lovely landsknechts or would like to start painting some but are a bit wary have a look here



  1. These are great! Love your site and looking forward to returning often...

    ~ Jonathan

  2. If you don't mind me saying Stuart, your quite free manner of painting has got better and perhaps is even more free, if you get my meaning? It's always great to see individual painting styles that stand out. One of my favourites is Jock Ramage- he's got a very painterly style:

    If you can find the time he's worth checking out.


    1. With this chap in particular I think it's just a little bit of liberty to paint however I like and not be too much within the constraint of a livery. I've really got to be in the mood for landsknechts which is why there tends to be such gaps between whenever i paint them as i just have to give them my all but they are an absolute joy - especially as a few years ago I was so intimidated by them.

      Re the 'freeness' I think it is that relaxed attitude which i generally associate with my other hobby. Have a look at these, and in a weird way you'll see similarities;

  3. Stuart
    I have just discovered your blog via some link I cannot recall. It is most inspirational and your figures are fantastic!
    I have fielded a Henrican army of the flodden period in dbm and dbr in the past using Dixon figures. I am inspired to dig it out and supplement them with some conversions like yours.Thanks for the encouragement your figures have engendered in me.

    1. Glad to be of service ! it's the 500 year anniversary next year so it would be rude not to (and a fair bit of time to get those conversions in the bag)

  4. Lovely work Stuart !!!

    Best regards Michael

  5. Great work, Stuart.

    Best wishes


  6. Great work, as ever - those must be the best range that the Perrys did at Foundry - shame it was went it all went sour and they were left unfinished.
    Looking forward to seeing more Almains.

    1. Very much Agree, I can't get enough of them and i'm now banned from ebay!