Saturday, 23 June 2012

15c wall mural of St George

I thought I'd share this absolute gem of a late 15c image of St George, recently discovered under layers of lime wash at St. Cadoc's Church, Llancarfan. Exact dating is yet to be revealed but it is believed to be approx 1480-1500 so very much of an interest to me, a supposition to which I think the armour and the saddle are decent pointers along with the perhaps Tudor rose stencils - or Lancastrian, i'm not sure but it's given me an idea for an ornate banner of St George.

It's free to view, you've just got to catch it on a day the church is open, there are some very good pubs in the area too if you fancied a longer trip out.

Really inspiring stuff - especially with some men at arms to paint too!

Oh, and isn't there a football match on tomorrow....



  1. Thats a wonderful wallpainting Stuart - very nicely restored.
    My initial view would be that it's earlier in the fifteenth century than Tudor period; based on three observations. Firstly the style of the visored bascinet, secondly the rectangular 'besagews' and also the high backed saddle (like Henry V's still in Westminster Abbey) - all point towards the first half of the fifteenth century IMHO.
    However, there are equally three things to counter this assumption - firstly there maybe some local context about dating (in relation to the building etc?). Secondly I'm not an expert (on art or armour!) and thirdly that painters typically used pattern books as guides for images, and it's quite possible that one could still be in use for more than 50 years.
    Either way its a lovely image to copy for a banner - interesting that the shields on the right hand side and lance in the left - usually the other way around? A reversed pattern book image perhaps?

    1. it's fascinating isn't it, it really made me wonder how many treasures like this are lying under layers of whitewash in churches and cathedrals around the country, though that is almost solely down to Henry VIII so perhaps that's a full circle for this blog!

      I see what you mean, I wasn't aware that they worked from books though that makes perfect sense,I suppose there must be some very good and some very bad versions out there.

      It would be nice to do a mock up of this character using one of the plastic men at arms, I do like the bascinet, particularly the crest.