Thursday, 31 May 2012

WIP; French crossbowman

The army of Louis XII is not quite yet on the drawing board but here's a start by way of a sneak preview of current work in progress; an unfortunate French crossbowman. This figure will adorn a base of infantry but will be slightly obscured so I thought I'd take a photograph. 

The figure is a converted Foundry landsknecht in a running pose to which I then did a head swap and added some crossbow paraphernalia to hopefully make it appear more French than landsknecht. I'm not sure if Foundry sell them as a single pack anymore but they do crop up on eBay from time to time, it's quite an easy figure to convert, here's another one;

Quite an enjoyable little foray all in all, I enjoyed painting the pavise, though it was a bit fiddly.

I'm presently finishing off the base and should have it on here soon.