Sunday, 29 April 2012

Holiday snaps!

It's OK, I won't bore you with all 250 of them! I have been away for two weeks or so exploring Flanders and North Rhine Westphalia during which my time was generally taken up with food, beer, beer and beer but I did find time to take in a couple of places which may be of interest to the renaissance gamer.

My first stop was Tournai, this was the second city Henry besieged in 1513 (going as far as to personally aim and fire one of his apostles at the cathedral) and which also became English for five years as a result of their capitulation. Sadly I forgot to take my camera out with me on that day so you'll have to take my word for it. Well worth a visit for the Tudor enthusiast if only to add some context to your studies. The main aspect I took away with me is that it is almost 100 miles from Calais and, well, a rather rash decision I feel and one which I suspect was very much influenced by Maximilian. Records state the various Tournaisen complaints at being governed from Westminster along with those of the English garrison over delays in being paid (Cruickshank's books are good on this subject).

After this pit stop it was then on to the Eifel in North West Germany (about 50 km from Aachen & Cologne) during which the aforementioned activities got underway. One particular gem in the area is the Rhenish Life Museum; this is an open air site and a rather large one at that, well worth a visit and host to some excellent and sensitively re-homed buildings from around the area. It was €5 per adult for entry and I spent all day there, the food was excellent to boot. It's not really that well represented and I essentially stumbled upon it, you can view more via their website.

A stay in Ypres broke up the journey back home, another fabulous town and one at which you may be forgiven to thinking you were in England, there's a strong link and we were made very welcome, make sure you go to and see the last post at 8pm. I saw these chaps in the Ypra Inn not long after.

I've had fun reading your exploits at Salute and a little jealous I was too, my Perry cavalry have been ordered and the next few days are going to be along excitable wait!



  1. Sounds like great trip Stuart - will be overnighting in Ypres on my way out on hols this summer - will look out for the guys at the bar!

    1. There were quite a lot of them! Do try the local 'Hummel' & 'Ypra' beers. It's well worth an overnight stay.

  2. It does sound like a great holiday, not sure my Mrs would agree though??

    1. There is a certain skill to inserting historical / beer related aspects into the holiday itenary! My wife wanted to see the Rhine for example and I thought it convenient that 'the most direct'route should arrive via the bridge at Remagen. If anything else it is worth itto see the sense of realisation arrive when it's too late......'is this a battlefield by any chance'