Saturday, 24 March 2012

Banner of the Virgin complete

It's the first warm weekend in a while in sunny South Wales so i'm off to make the most of it but before I go here we have the completed unit of bill to complement the banner of the Virgin which I began a few weeks ago
It features some of the Perry mercenaries along with some metals from their EA range which were fun to paint, i've been experimenting with some more muted reds, browns and yellows to give some variation to my palette and as a bit of a trial for some wider use on the Landsknechts i'm also working on.

While I was snap happy with the good light of the morning I also put this arrangement together, it's a bit shaky but it sort of adds to it (that's my excuse anyway!) Have a good weekend all.


  1. Looking very, very good !!!

    made my day:)

    Best regards dalauppror

  2. wow, brilliant group - the banner is very well done and love the composition (and the painting) of the figures around it. They have a convincing Tudor look about them all.
    Very inspiring. Simon.

  3. I always appreciate the quality of your paint jobs -- your work really holds up to examination at magnification. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very very nice Stuart. Really like your flags.

  5. As always good sir, very very nice :-) will you be taking a look at the new 'Warlord' rules? As they cover Tudors....I think.


  6. These look excellent! Thank you for sharing pictures of them.