Saturday, 18 June 2011

WIP; Banner of Henry Algernon Percy

Just a quick update to say hello. There has been a recent surge in followers which is good encouragement for me as I am quite a slow worker, i'm glad of the interest and hopefully I can inspire a few of you to paint up some Tudors.

The last 3 weeks or so have had a family, friends and beer theme throughout with the painting desk not really getting a look in, good times all the same but I have been missing it.

I have done a little on the research front recently and have found quite a few commanders of the campaign along with most of their standards and banners so I shall try and include as many as I can in the army, particularly those to whom I have details of which units they served in. With that in mind I have a couple of command groups ready to paint to lead the rank and file I completed in the last post; the first being the heraldic banner of Henry Algernon Percy.

Percy was a prominent commander of the 1513 campaign to whom I already have his swallow tailed standard represented in a unit of archers (you can see this in one of the earlier posts from last year). Percy contributed a large retinue of infantry along with almost all of the border horse. In addition to the green and white English livery coats the infantry were provided with hats and other garments of the red and black Percy livery, an added interest and worthy of a bit more attention I thought. Plus the Percy lands (Northumbria) are close to my hometown so there was a predisposition to have a few northerners represented.

The heraldry took a while to find, I had a black and white line drawing of it but no description as to the colours and then I stumbled across this;

There's nothing quite like 'finding' stuff to spur you on to paint.

This figure has had a bit of conversion work with the arms, not something i'm 100% confident with yet but i'm quite satisfied with this one.

I shall post the finished unit soon.

Another sideline which I shall also discuss in future is a recent venture in Tudor brewing - it's still fermenting at the moment but when ready I shall tell you more - it looks a bit like river water at the moment !



  1. That's a very unusual flag for the period, with the bottom half divided into three??? Great find though!!!

  2. Fantastic brushwork. I love the tudor head and that flag is soooooo lovely.



  3. Hi Stuart
    Very convincing conversion and lovely flag. So you'll be wanting volunteers from your followers for future beer tasting??

  4. I'm actually a qualified (by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust) taster - so I'm more than happy to give you a professional opinion!

    Superb painting as usual - the Perry Tudor heads really change the look of the figures don't they?