Thursday, 19 May 2011

WIP; Rank & File (2)

6 bases, all done !

That's the total rank and file complete with respect to bill. I intend to add a few double based units with flags and standards of some prominent commanders of the campaign, one of which I am currently working on, more on this soon.

I have made an effort to emphasise a slightly subdued palatte with this unit both to make the uniform / livery more prominent and to reflect the dyes available at the time so there are a lot of browns, muted yellows and greens and many 'dirty' variations on white for the gambesons. I have used a few more washes to give a bit more depth of colour also, I hope it shows, I really want these to look as authentic as I can get them for the period.

I have also developed a more productive routine which has resulted in a fairly quick turnaround - for me anyway, it's still painstakingly slow in comparison to serious gamers but something i'm quite satisfed with.



  1. Very good painting work here!

    I specially like the way you painted gambesons. Lighter colors are always hard to dip or wash them: It is extremely easy that the miniatures looks too dirty or too clean if you are not careful. In addition, you get a high contrast level between the crevasses and the top of folds of clothes.


  2. Lovely painted figures. Your technique makes them look very distinctive.


  3. They're looking really great Stuart. Lovely paintwork and composition - they look the part. All plastics at this stage it seems, are any of the metal unarmoured polearms figs going to be used?

  4. I'm with Simon et al. Great looking units and the right sort of 'dogged' look to each individual soldier.


  5. Thanks for your comments, I'm really happy with the gambesons especially, I wanted them to look like worn, heavy white linen and I think i've done it.

    There will be some metal figures on the double based units,I have the first two undercoated and ready to go. I can't decide whether they look a bit too continental as billmen both in their attire and poses, we shall see.


  6. Nice looking army on campaign.

  7. Just stumbled onto your blog...........Fantastic!!
    I'm just about to paint some of these figures and your are an inspiration.

  8. Thank you, glad to inspire !