Monday, 1 November 2010

WIP; The Earl of Shrewsbury

I've had a fairly hectic few weeks lately with little room for painting but I have managed to find some time here and there to slowly put together a second command group for my Tudor army.

This trio represents George Talbot, 4th Earl of Shrewsbury, commander of the foreward during the 1513 campaign in France.

Just as the stand I put together to represent Henry VIII this has been a very challenging job with a fair amount of intricate painting which is sometimes obscured (unless you see them in the flesh) once they're all based so I thought i'd take a few photographs to give you a decent preview prior to the finished article.

I painted the figures in the order they are here. Starting with the herald, which I considered to be the easiest.....24 lions passant later I was ready for a break!
This is a Perry WOTR figure which I toyed with doing a headswap but decided not to bother in the end as this line is a little more slender than the figures they did for Wargames Foundry.

The standard bearer was fairly straight forward, I gave him a headswap with another cavalry figure and painted his skirt in the Talbot livery of red and black combined with the red cross of St. George (this is shown on a few sources depicting English knights of this period). The Flag was fairly straightforward albeit quite time consuming, i'm pleased with it though.

Finally, the Earl himself; I swapped his baton for a war hammer and painted him in a colourful blue and yellow garb (part of his heraldry) and opted to go for the black and red livery colours for the horse armour. I looked at a lot of sources for the cloth covering depicted upon horse armour of the period and found most to be very intricate. The floral roses I finally settled upon are taken from a wallpaper sample, in fact, that's my big tip for painting renaissance caparison armour, just look up 'black and white floral wallpaper / stencil designs' in google images or scour home decorating websites - i've printed off quite a few for future reference.

The Earl was a knight of the garter so I decided to show this on the armour also.

I shall take my time basing these three and hopefully will have a final finished piece by the end of the week.




  1. are an inspiration Stuart!


    Field Marshal

  2. exellent! your a very good painter i love the attention to detail, you painting style is quite similar to mine too
    i was thinking about your difficulty in finding dismounted renaissance men at arms and i may be able to make one soon a cant promise at the moment but i would love to do one or two as i love the plate armour from this period
    count of wymborn