Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Tudor Allies

Currently I am working on a small allied contingent of English troops, these will be composed of;

8 bases of longbowmen (24 figures)

4 bases of billmen (12 figures)

2 bases of border horse (2 figures)

2 bases of demilancers (4 figures)

C in C, Henry VIII (4 figures)

So far I have Henry;

There isn't really a decent range of figures for a Tudor army of the period so for this base I used Wargames Foundry gendarmes (which are perfect) along with two marching Landsknechts painted to represent Yeomen of the Guard which I think work quite well also, I chose a larger base than the usual 60 x 40 mm as I wanted a centrepiece and this really was a labour of love, 6 weeks in all.

I wanted it to be something of a challenge and it that it was. Henry is based upon a painting of the Battle of the Spurs, this clearly shows him in some detail although his horse is obscured so for this i used some imagination.


  1. Hi Stuart,

    Where did you get the Halberds from for the Yeomen? These are one of my favourite simple conversions I have ever seen!


    Jason (FM)

  2. Hi Jason

    Wargames Foundry used to supply them with any blister of pike that you buy but unfortunately they now only sell them seperately. I've got a few spare if you'd like them, send me an email (see 'about me' section to the right) with your address and i'd be happy to send you some.