Monday, 2 April 2012

Yeoman of the guard c.1513

For the last week or so I have been continuing with my rotational painting approach as I have found that it keeps things fresh and output relatively steady. 

I have completed 2 Landsknechts, one of whom has been uploaded to the 'gallery' page of my Landsknecht painting guide which itself has also had a few tweaks and further narrative added as I have been using it myself recently, hopefully it has or will help you with your Landsknecht projects.

On the Tudor front I have been working on a couple of Yeomen of the Guard to be part of the command stand that I am presently putting together. These have been based upon the two chaps who feature in the above painting along with a bit of background reading. Here's the first completed figure;

A head swap and a little bit of green stuff was required in preparation. They are described as wearing,or being equipped with harness of Almain rivet and sallets for this campaign so I thought this figure (foundry landsknecht) was a decent body. I wanted to show a sallet but I also really like this Tudor head as it's quite expressive so I hope this is a happy compromise. I wasn't quite sure of the positioning of the sallet, it seemed logical to hang it off the belt but I can't claim to be an expert.

Guard No.2 is presently undercoated and ready to go.



  1. The Yeoman of The Guard looks great, I want to do a similar thing with this pose and change the head and sword to make a Reislaufer standard bearer.

  2. Very nicely painted mini, realy like the helmet in hanging from the belt.

    Best regards dalauppror

  3. Pretty damn good from where i'm sitting Stuart!!

    looking forward to seeing no. 2 and his pals.


  4. wonderful - the changes you've done make him look just right as Henrician guardsman.

  5. Blimey!! now that's what I mean when I say inspirational :-)