Sunday, 26 February 2012

'Such is their beastliness and arrogance ...they are firebrand and a source of trouble than any real advantage'

An extract of a contemporary English description of the Landsknechts who served on the left wing of the King's ward, the same writer goes on to say that they; 'render excellent services on the day of battle or when the army is in retreat and obey their officers' note 'their' these troops had to be quartered seperately from the English and would not obey any other than their own. On August 15 whilst encamped before Therouanne a disturbance broke out resulting in a number of fatalaties and the Landsknechts training their cannon on the English at the point that order was restored.

The Landsknecht 'distraction' project mentioned in the last post has quickly become the main focus of late.

Well it's been a while and they are a joy to paint plus the Landsknecht or rather, Almain (as the English referred ) contingent I have for the army is only half complete so off we go, here we have the latest off the workbench along with a couple of conversions; I will have a scattering of earlier helmets to fit in with the period of my army and, well, they add a bit more variety and look pretty good I reckon.

In preparing these figures I have also returned my attentions to the Landsknecht Painting guide which I put together a few years ago. I tried to update the site but the web host wouldn't allow it for some reason so I had to create it from scratch again, luckily I had archived all of the images so it wasn't too difficult, just a bit labour intensive. Anyway, I took this opportunity to update it and to add a new gallery page.

The new guide / url is here;

I shall paint a large number of these before basing to give maximum variety whilst also working upon the Tudor bases so it could be a while before you see the finished item but it will be worth it I hope. If you can't wait then keep an eye on the aforementioned gallery page for individual additions as they are completed.



  1. Lovely figure painting Stuart and interesting to have contemporary views of the 'Almains' from the english. Those are some of the nicest figs the Perrys did at Foundry I reckon and the headswaps work well too.
    Keen on following these.