Monday, 20 February 2012

TAG announce work on a Tudor range !

Here's a sneak at TAG's announcement of a Tudor range;

The range is designed to cover Henry's 1544 invasion but the dolls so far mixed with a few other figures would certainly do for the 1522 & 1523 invasions. Also, there are some examples in armour which would suit   my present army - exciting stuff !


  1. hmm, I spotted these too and they look very good indeed - I like the work that Nick Collier does for TAG. Have planned out ideas for Tudors in Ireland armies in the distant past, although lack of really nice figures prevented it from starting - think these could be the moment ... (with some extra Irish from Vendel Minis perhaps?).
    They look spot on for your Henrician troops alright.

  2. These should be a very useful range addition once Nick gets them up and running. Early Tudor figures will be very useful for a number of armies and nice to see in any event. Should be good.

  3. Love the 1544 period and will look forward in starting this when its released.



  4. Lovely sculpts as one would expect from Nick Collier. I love their Great Italian Wars range thus far, though it's be great to see the range come nearer completion.

    These mini's are ideal for your purposes mate.