Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The workbench so far

Hello there

I have slowly been collecting and painting a Maximilian Imperial army c. 1494-1518, I am basing to DBR rules along with using their army lists.

Here's the army so far;

Pike block, this contains figures painted 10 years ago (foreground) and landsknechts added more recently in the centre. I think I will eventually strip the old figures and repaint them as the difference in painting styles are noticeable; I used to paint from a white undercoat with a lot of washes and drybrusing whereas now i use a black undercoat and the quality of the paints are better.

Gendarmes; these are more recently painted, notice the mixture of flags this army can easily represent the German minor states also.

Spanish; I have a small Spanish contingent, this was the nucleus of a project to also have a Spanish Imperial army but i stopped as i couldn't find any decent pikemen - i tried TAG, old glory and front rank and i just wasn't happy with them so that got mothballed.

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