Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Tudor Dollies Update

I'm very pleased to say that the first order of Tudor Dollies has sold out, thanks all for your support and interest, it's been good to see where these have gone and to learn what you plan to do with them. 

I've ordered a further batch and will aim to keep these in stock permanently, from today there will be a delay of about 2-3 weeks but thereafter they should be easy to get yourself some. The price remains the same at £6 per set of 6 figures plus postage and Paypal fee. If you're interested just send an email stating how many you'd like and your address, I'll respond with a total price and arrange payment. My email address is


Note that the dollies are just that, they are supplied without heads and arms. I have put together a sculpting guide via this link which shows you step by step how to sculpt the sleeves of a base coat.

The dollies were designed to be early Tudor infantry advancing / attacking with bills and halberds using the Perry Miniatures Wars of the Roses plastics set from which you can easily create a satisfying unit such as this;

The next step for these would naturally be some Longbowmen to support their bill armed colleagues. I've found that with the use of a hacksaw you can easily create some static poses with satisfying results;

As with the bill these just need the sleeves to be added but they are good. Here you can see that one of the dollies lends itself to a straight up assembly without further work for a good nocking pose whilst the others just need their legs sawn off and new ones added, 2 from the Perry boxed set and one from the new Warlord Landsknecht set. The latter is particularly good as they have the bear paw shoes as well as ribbons and some slashing visible at the knee. When doing this conversion you just need to get the height right so use another figure as a reference.

As well as archers you can also create handgunners, crossbowmen and pike using the Perry Mercenaries and Warlord Landsknecht plastic sets;

I do intend to create possibly one more pack of standing figures but I cannot commit to when this will be, it could be quite a while but I hope this shows the versatility that can be achieved with the existing pack.

Bye for now, several projects on the go as usual hopefully I'll have something to display soon.



  1. It's great that you've had these dollies made and available for the rest if us. I'm very pleased with the dollies I received. I just hope I'm up to modelling green stuff sleeves.
    Cheers, Peter

    1. You'll be fine buddy, the first steps to a new sculpting chapter in the hobby

  2. Some very clever uses of the dolls there Stuart. I am shocked at how close to the Perry figures the Warlord parts are in size as well.

    I have built a couple so far and the sleeves are not too difficult to add and make them look the part. I think my debut of these dolls may be as Tudor gun crewmen

    1. Looking forward to those Oli, the Perry ACW artillery plastics might provide some useable arms

  3. Great miniatures and conversion too

  4. Terrific work. I have quite a few WOR and European packs and heads from the Perry, so I am finding your work very in inspirational. I would certainly consider an English 1513 army in France, so will take a look at what i may need in the way of bill and bow.