Sunday, 10 April 2016

Royal Armouries Gaming Event 2016

Leeds Royal Armouries are hosting a Hundred Years War weekend historical and gaming event on the weekend of 23 & 24 April. This theme celebrates the recent re-location of the Agincourt diorama from the 600 year anniversary exhibition in the Tower of London to its permanent home in Leeds.

Over this weekend there will be a number of participation wargames on display and you can also get the opportunity to see the Perry Brothers and diorama modeller David Marshall in a talk about the creation of the diorama. In addition there's also the fantastic collection of arms and armour available at the armouries. You can find more information about the event here;

One of the games on display will be Simon Chick's Salute 2015 triple award winning Agincourt game. Simon is an avid collector of HYW figures and over the years has put on a number of games displaying key battles of the conflict, you can lose several hours admiring his exploits on his HYW blog here;

I will be assisting Simon with this game so if you're thinking of coming along do have a look and say hello - I might even be able to sneak in some Renaissance chat if no-one's listening.

For my part I have made a meagre contribution to the game. Simon has increased the size of the forces for the game since last year during which time the Perry French Infantry and Knights plastic boxed sets have been very much well received and will feature. In discussing this with Simon and admiring his dedication and commitment to his collection I commented that at that time my painting had taken a back seat so he kindly gave me a French Knight sprue to use as a distraction piece to get me back into it. Not long after that I was back painting gendarmes and artillery so it certainly worked. The fruits of this labour are these 6 knights which will join the reinforcements for the game. Fun to put together and fantastically detailed they were a joy to paint. Here are some closer photographs for your enjoyment;

Guillaume Martel, Sire de Bacqueville

Jacques de Crequy

Jean le Veneur, Sire de Homme

Jean V, Sire de Poix

Charles d'Albret, Constable of France

I hope you enjoyed that painting interlude, normal service will resume soon - presently working on some Landsknechts in French service.

All the best 



  1. Stunning French Agincourt figures, Stuart. Your brushwork on the tabards/jupons most impressive! Wish I could be at the Armouries for that event.

  2. Impressive painting skills !!!

  3. Great looking Frenchness Stuart. Excellent work as usual.

  4. Yep!!! Superb work Stuart!!


  5. Those look great. Hope to get along to Leeds for one of the days. I'll have to try to think of a diversion to allow some Renaissance chat.