Saturday, 10 March 2012

More figures for sale !

Happy Saturday all !

I have been streamlining my collection somewhat as I concentrate on my Tudor army and these are the last to have that treatment. 

As they are an unusual troop type and for the purpose of some self promotion I thought they may be of interest, herewith my ebay list description;

'Here we have a base of three mounted petronels or culverineer's; these were an early mounted artillery support and featured in European armies from around 1470 up to the early 1500's. Unlike mounted arquebusiers they fought in close order and in a way were the fore-runners to the mounted reiter or pistoleer.

The figures are from Front Rank and are painted to a very high standard; all armour is brushed and polished rather than painted, the horses have natural colours and markings and the banner is also hand made and painted; it is a cavalry banner of Bavaria. These are based for DBR as petronels as described above but they could easily be re-based as 3 individual light mounted arquebusiers or as your rule sets require. The flag is loose to assist postage and will require gluing when you get it.'

I painted these for the DBR Maximilian HRE army list but I just wasn't sure of their validity in the army as they were listed as pistols which gave them a bit of an unfair advantage as mincers of any gendarme stupid enough to venture near them which I don't think is an accurate use / treatment so here they are for sale.

The idea is that I will have both a Tudor and Maximilian army......eventually (i'm getting there!) and I will have some 'petronels' but I think I will base and use them as mounted arquebusiers which essentially they're not but I think rules -wise it is more fair.

I have looked quite hard for any description as to their use and only found that referred above in an old Funcken book. I think they were really a sort of very light artillery but i'm not sure - answers on a postcard.

Anyway, back to the advertising, they're very nicely painted and i do like em, they could be yours - imagine that !

you can view the listing here.

Other than that my current landsknecht / billman steamroller moves slowly onward tough I am nearly finished one base so there will be some exciting stuff soon.

All the best



  1. Realy lovely painted minis!!!

    best regards dalauppror

  2. good luck - very nice figures again.
    Dipping my toe in to ebay very soon.

  3. They do look fantastic Stuart. Good luck.

  4. Very nice figures again Stuart. Good luck with the ebay auction.

  5. As always good sir, very nicely painted! :-)


  6. Very well executed Stuart!!

    If you don't mind me saying, I think you should have started the bidding price a bit higher, they really are very well painted and deserve more :O)

    Good luck with the sale,


    1. you're not wrong there buddy, ebay and hangover's don't mix (ebay and drinking definitely doesn't mix; my 4ft lowenbrau mirror is testament to that!)

  7. Wish I'd seen these. I will be more diligent in future! Great minis.