Sunday, 13 March 2011

Von Frundsberg & Tudor Scurrers

Further to my previous post, here is the painted banner of Georg von Frundsberg. The mounted figures were painted a few years ago but in need of re-basing so I took the chance to base him with a good flag and I also painted up a marching Landsknecht to add to the base as a nod to Frundsberg's role in history.

I also painted up another scurrer to add to my Tudor light cavalry, I had four painted and based but the DBR army list requires at least five. That and these being splendid figures was reason enough to do one more. Here for your enjoyment is the whole unit getting the group photo treatment;

Here's the new chap in person.
I'm really pleased with this unit, they really look good charging across the gaming table.
The army list allows for up to eight bases so I shall certainly get some more and give them a standard as well; Henry Percy was responsible for their recruitment so that's a good starting point.


  1. Great paintwork, once again Stuart!!!

  2. Lovely pictures. The sunlight creates an evocative atmosphere.

    What more I could say about the minis? Outstanding, as always.


  3. Lovely brushwork and just brillant overall.