Sunday, 27 February 2011

Imperial Heavy Cavalry

This week I have been mostly....... re-basing cavalry.

I'm sort of in a painters limbo at the moment; I have a legion of headless figures awaiting the forthcoming Tudor head packs and I don't want to commit myself to anything too large so this was a good opportunity to use my time well - plus 2 riders were unhorsed by my cat jumping on the table at a recent game so my mind was kind of made up for me!

To give the figures a bit more strength and to defend against any future feline assault I took the time to drill, pin and glue the riders to their horses - something which I think I will do with all cavalry from now on as it's such a tricky job to do to a painted figure.

So here are the results along with a couple of group shots for your viewing pleasure.

Now, what else can I do.......


  1. Nice pics. The miniature detail is simply outstanding.

    And... good luck with future feline assaults!


  2. Fantastic brushwork as always.

  3. Very nice looking figures. My cat is under strict instructions not to share my hobby!
    The tudor heads (and new polearm figs)are only days away I trust - new packs are cast and awaiting packaging...

  4. Between that and chewing my brushes the cat is on thin ice!

    Good news indeed on the new packs, idiosyncracy can be my worst enemy at times, although in saying that I have managed to do a fair bit by way of distraction so it's all good in the end.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous Stuart...that Imperial Eagle on the commanders Barding is are an much so that I am putting on my first Italian Wars game on Sunday at the club!

    Field Marshal

  6. Thank you FM, i'm glad to please and generate more interest in the period, good luck with the game.

    All the Best