Sunday, 30 January 2011

Photographic musings

I have been experimenting with photography over the past few weeks. Usually I simply take a photograph on the workbench when I have completed a unit; I construct a white box and use 2 angle poised lamps with daylight bulbs as light sources. The results are reasonable and give a good neutral setting to my brushwork but I have found that they can appear somewhat clinical at times.

So, whenever a weekend has had a good, bright start I have set up a scene on the windowsill to take advantage of the natural light, the first such session being the scurrers I did in the last post.
For the most part I paint rather than game and as a result I don't have a great deal of scenery which really is required for large group shots such as these. However, I popped down to Crusade 2011 yesterday and put that right with some cracking bespoke hedgerows from a relatively new company by the name of Hedgerow Scenics. Their website is currently under construction but save it for reference, I thoroughly recommend them and hope these pictures do them a bit of justice;

They make an excellent background and help define the image, plus they look much more natural that a lot of the commercial alternatives out there.

I also purchased some Landsknechts as I intend to paint up a few more units of them this year (I have around 150 unpainted but I can't seem to ignore them !).

This is the centre company of the fahnlein that I'm putting together and in due course I shall have some units with pikes and halberds levelled and zweihanders charging out - I've got a few more Tudor units to do first so I'm not sure when, if you've been following this blog you'll be accustomed to my painting speed!

All the best



  1. Stuart
    Nice pics, I really like those Landsknechts - great colours schemes. Did you purchase more Foundry figures or the new Artizan?
    Coincidently I've just purchased a new camera as I feel that my figure pictues could be better, we'll see. Will check out the hedgerow scenics as they look like a good find.

  2. Simon; You can never have too many Landsknechts!

    I purchased some of the new (ish) Artizan dopplesoldners. 9 in a pack of which 4 are good and the rest a bit chunky for my taste but Foundry ony did 2 swordsmen and these few do mix quite well. In honesty I'm not really that sure about Artizan figures as they appear to cater to the discerning GW Empire collector as opposed to being historical but that said there are a few decent sculpts which go OK with the Perry / Foundry figures, we shall see.