Friday, 16 July 2010

Banner of Maximilian

Here's the latest landsknechts to roll off my painting desk. This unit represents a couple of things that I've been meaning to do for quite some time now;

Conversions; despite painting for 20 years I have only recently made some attempts at conversion work. The dead figure is a small conversion from a running figure and four of the figures have headswaps from the Perry WOTR boxed set. I'd quite like to have a go using 'green stuff' but i think i'll do bit of research on how it's used first, I'd welcome any web or book suggestions that anyone may have.

The flag; I did mean to put this flag in my landsknecht painting guide (see below) but never got round to it as i was a little daunted by doing it all by hand but I finally got some motivation and spent an evening sketching it out. It was particularly difficult getting the flint and steels to match up, photoshop came to the rescue in the end. Here's the basic drawing;

Feel free to use it, I couldn't find anything on the web that was free. It enlarges, reduces and stretches quite well and could be useful for a variety of armies.

Here's the painting guide;

I use the colour in mock ups from this quite a lot.



  1. Thanks Stuart for the report and photos. The conversions on the miniatures look brillant. Thanks for sharing the flag detail.



  2. Stuart
    Really nice group and those flint images would be very helpful in my Burgundian army oneday.
    Sorry we didn't chat longer at Northampton, but good to hear that you enjoyed it, as I'm sure you made the longest round-trip.

  3. Simon

    It was worth it, unfortunately i'm going to miss Edgecote but i've put Tewkesbury 2011 in my diary already!

  4. exellent base, the helmets look very good on these, maybey for a first experiment with greenstuff you could put some beards on the perry heads with time you could convert perry metal men at arms to dismounted gendarmes by puting close helmets on them,those skirt things and more modern shoulder defenses. i started on conversions like this now i make entire figures for my perry wotr.

    count of wymborn

  5. Thanks for the comments, I think i'll get some green stuff and experiment, as per the count's reccomendations - do you have any images of what you have achieved with green stuff?


  6. hi stuart
    there is an image on the steve dean forum of my most recent figure curenty entered in the painting competition under henry percy its the big guy in the middle of the picture, i made him from scratch,also painterman has one and also has many of my conversions.
    also but some dentist tools from tiranti if your wanting good quality work and use some vasaline to smooth it the best sculpting medium is procreate you can get it from musketeer miniatures they also have a sculpting tutoral,
    hope this helps

  7. Stuart
    Just spotted TAG Spanish cavalry (c 1520)- maybe useful for you? Not totally convinced on the horse sculpts though - maybe OK when painted.

  8. Simon

    They look OK and certainly cover aspects of the spanish that other companies don't do too well, I'd be interested to see what they look like painted and perhaps a scale comparison, their infantry figures are quite small slender chaps. I'm still holding my breath in vain for the Eureka light cavalry to be released but the forthcoming Perry stuff will soon distract me for a while!